Welcome to Effie Romain’s website.

If you have visited before you will have seen photos of the painting room in Bristol. Alas, no more. We have moved to London where space is at a premium. So I have been experimenting with a Microsoft Surface and doing more drawing in Japanese Brush pen and more watercolours. In the pull down menu for current work you will see examples of all of these.

I do set out to try to paint images that catch the eye. Images that are rewarding to look at in form and colour. I try quite hard to get to grips with these challenges but as anybody who paints will tell you it is often serendipity that paints supreme. Confuse serendipity with the excitement of sloshing on paint and the work can look meaningless. Work too hard on it and it can look good – I quite like overworked pictures – but you can also kill it.

Then there are the challenges of subject matter. I like to paint the same places over and over again. I paint over paintings over and over again. The ‘palimpsest’ from the painting underneath gives depth and an opportunity for a bit of serendipity. Oil paint gives much more scope for overworking like this. My favourite subjects are flowers and Abbotts Pool. The latter I have painted time and time again in all seasons.

Although I find it difficult I think we are at a time when people want shape and texture – not line. And texture too, if you think about it, involves a bit of luck. Most people as they learn to paint do not engage with texture. They paint trees or boats. But in painting texture you must struggle with shape that resonates with colour whether bright or low key, and you still need a ‘composition.’ It is just a more discreet composition.

Perhaps we live in a confused age and line is too affirmative. Sometimes I think it is because we live in a ‘beige’ age and it is just so nice to let rip with a spot of bright colour.

For over 10 years I painted upstairs in our house. The old room was comfortably untidy.

I shall post an image of my new studio here once it looks 'used' and not 'so tidy' !

Please e-mail me if you would like to be invited to my previews.